In the wings

Despite being lucky enough to have had four books published (please see 'my books') and a number of scripts produced, I have a 'bottom drawer'. In this are finished works which, for various reasons, have not yet burst upon the world stage. In the hope that a literary agent, publisher or producer might be reading this - or that you might know such a person - I thought I'd list the contents of this 'bottom drawer' here:

A short children's story (requiring illustrations) of a toy panda rescued from the obscurity of a suburban charity shop and set upon a trajectory that sees him crowned king of England.

This is a screen adaptation, created with Dominic Gore-Andrews, of Lermontov's novel of the same name. Set in Imperial Russia in 1837, it has a huge cast, lavish locations and one of the greatest anti-heroes in world literature. It received a rehearsed reading in April 2003.

Copies of these can be emailed to you for free if you're interested. Please contact me.